Terms of Service

All items will be sent by Saint Lucia overseas Mail (Local Post Office). Rates are based on the actual cost to ship items to your destination. We do combine shipping multiple items. Please feel free to email us.

Email Addresses:
artisans758@gmail.com or sluweddings@gmail.com

We do pack well to preserve your product to reach you in good condition.

Items are shipped within two to three (2-3) working days of receiving confirmation of your payment.

Shipping can range from three(3) to twenty one (21) days depending on your choice of shipping.

We stand behind all our sales.


Where are you able to ship goods?

We ship worldwide however you would need to send an email identifying your location and we would follow up to let you know the cost of shipping to your location.

What paint medium is used on your recycled products?

Acrylic Paints (water based)

Are all your recycle products made of 100% recycle material?

Yes, some may be 100% newspaper or a combination of paper and plastic or glass bottle.

Where are you shipping from?

We are shipping from Saint Lucia in the Caribbean ( West Indies)

Who are the artisans selling from your shop?

The are persons from all areas of Saint Lucia, most of them are female artisans.

Am I able to place an order for a number of your products?

Yes we can however negotiations would have to take place for price time frame for production and delivery of a product/s

How long can it take for delivery of products?

That would depend on your location. It can range for 5-21 days. However we have to bare in mind delivery delays due to no fault of the supplier(us)

Can the outfits be removed on the recycled dolls?


What happens if a product ordered is returned to us, the supplier, due to insufficient or incorrect information provided by you for your address?

The cost of shipping the item back to you with the correction information will be at your cost.

How long does it take for shipping?

Shipping ranges from three (3) days to twenty one (21) days depending on the service selected in the shipping choices available.

Can I use another shipping method for shipping my item – a courier service like FedEx ?

That can be possible by you will have to send an email for the request and the necessary costs will be conveyed to you prior to shipping the item or items.

What are the maximum weights for the shipping fees reflecting?

Ordinary mail : fee is for a maximum of 1000 grams

EMS : Fees are for  a maximum of 500 grams